Lola by my side

December 2010
I work; Lola's got the sleeping covered since I can't do both

Suffuse pt. 1


this book is a series of sensual events revolving around

loving someone so hard that you are immersed in it.

it’s a study of synesthesia of the most emotionally intense

experiences and their manifestations based on the five steps

of dramatic structure.

Front cover
Title page
Page 1: Exposition
Page 1: Exposition (unfolded)

Suffuse pt. 2

Page 2: Rising action
Page 2: Rising action (unfolded)
Page 2: Rising action (furthur unfolded)
Page 3: Climax
Page 3: Climax (unfolded)

Suffuse pt. 3

Page 4: Falling action
Page 4: Falling action (unfolded)
Page 5: Dénouement
Page 5: Dénouement (unfolded)
Back Cover

December 2010
All sorts of things


November 2010
Linoleum print tile pattern
with oil-based ink on all different kinds of paper

Wood and Trash

December 2010
Wood and found objects, among other things

Darling Ellie, Take 2

November 2010
Magazine and book pages on Bristol
Based on the earlier version done in acrylic